New quality of welding

Welding pliers

permanently combine non-ferrous metals

Foot switch

time control of welding

Brass sockets

connected to a 12V battery

Welder RZA

Reliable operation

During the prolonged use of the starter, when engine starts, tin liquidate and disconnect the brush graphite. Now, thanks to a special solder, we can connect rigidly different types of metals. Welded connections looks like ready-made.

Ease of Use

We were guided by the idea "Less is more". In result we have now a specialized product easy to use. Thanks to the power supply via 12V battery, welder product became a mobile device.

For professionals

Welder has particular application in the automobile repair shop for repairing the auto electromechanical starters helping to speed up and increase the guarantees and quality of services.
Price: 1010.00 PLN


RZA - lut

Solder for welders

Special tape with 1.4 m length can permanently join together metals in such configurations as copper-copper, copper-aluminum. Price: 60.00 PLN
RZA - elektrody węglowe

Carbon electrodes

Electrodes with a diameter φ = 8 mm, length 42 mm. They are made of pressed carbon powder and used for sealing cables or flat-ferrous metal. Package contains 10 pieces.

Price: 11.00 PLN
RZA - elektrody stalowe

Steel electrode

The electrode is made of steel St3s and is the element which supports welded detail. The special shape allows you to reach hard reachable places. Price: 29.00 PLN
RZA - elektrody do blach i prętów

Electrodes for steel sheets and rods

Set of electrodes for welding thin steel sheets with max. thickness = 0.5 mm + 0.5 mm and steel rods with max. thickness = 2.5 mm φ + φ = 2.5 mm. Price: 76.00 PLN

User manual

RZA instrukcja, krok 1 1 Connect sockets
to the battery
RZA instrukcja, krok 1 2 Place solder between
electrodes (steel and carbon)
RZA instrukcja, krok 1 3 Tighten and hold
RZA instrukcja, krok 1 4 Push the button
and hold for 2-3 seconds


Figel Autonarzędzia
FIGEL Auto Narzędzia Aleksander Figel ul. Chrzanowskiego 36A, 80-278 Gdańsk
NIP 584-015-06-49, REGON 002858336, Santander Bank Polska S.A. 14 1910 1048 2786 1237 3975 0001

tel./fax (+48 58) 341 04 53

The history of Figel company had begun more than 70 years ago. At that time in 1952 Antoni Figel opened in old town of Gdansk Electromechanical manufactory, in which all kinds of electric motors, transformers and household appliances were repaired. The main importance of company's development had been production of electrical equipment. The most popular were coffee grinders, industrial waffle makers, welders, and manual spot welders produced until now.
In 1970 the comapny was moved to the new office in Gdansk - Wrzeszcz. The owner of the company is the son of Antoni, Aleksander Figel.

The main aim of today's activity on the European market is the production and sale of welding consumables such as solder and electrodes.


Administratorem danych osobowych jest FIGEL AUTO NARZĘDZIA Aleksander Figel z siedzibą w Gdańsku przy ul. Chrzanowskiego 36a; e-mail:, (Administrator). Dane będą przetwarzane w celu sprzedaży i w celach marketingowych w formie elektronicznej i papierowej; podanie danych jest dobrowolne; dane nie będą udostępniane innym podmiotom niż upoważnionym na podstawie przepisów prawa; przysługuje Pani/Panu prawo wniesienia żądania zaprzestania przetwarzania danych lub sprzeciwu wobec przetwarzania danych. Państwa dane osobowe będą przetwarzane do momentu cofnięcia przez Państwa zgody na ich przetwarzanie. Jeżeli nie wyrażają Państwo zgody na dalsze przetwarzanie danych, prosimy o kontakt w tej sprawie.